Server Name BW Limit Connected Users Status
Server-1NoNo DataOffline
Server-10NoNo DataOffline
Server-11NoNo DataOffline
Server-12NoNo DataOffline
Server-13NoNo DataOffline
Server-2NoNo DataOffline
Server-3NoNo DataOffline
Server-4NoNo DataOffline
Server-5NoNo DataOffline
Server-6NoNo DataOffline
Server-7NoNo DataOffline
Server-8NoNo DataOffline
Server-9NoNo DataOffline
VIP-Server-1NoNo DataOffline
VIP-Server-2NoNo DataOffline
VIP-Server-3NoNo DataOffline
VIP-Server-4NoNo DataOffline
VIP-Server-5NoNo DataOffline
VIP-Server-6NoNo DataOffline
VIP-Server-7NoNo DataOffline

Note: All servers resets on the 1st day of every month.
Note: Data refreshes every 5 minutes.